Vehicle Exhaust

Solutions of All Sizes

Underfloor Exhaust Systems

Underfloor systems are effective in heavy equipment facilities where overhead cranes interfere with the operation of ceiling-mounted exhaust systems.

The primary reason to use an underfloor system is to provide an exhaust connection as near to the vehicle exhaust pipe as possible to minimize the amount of hose needed and reduce the hassle in handling the components. This approach is particularly effective in applications where low exhaust vehicles are prevalent, such as automobile dealerships. By using floor fittings that accommodate larger diameter flexible hose, exhaust connections can be placed strategically to serve large equipment bays. In these applications, large, vertical-stack vehicles can be served by the use of a diesel cane in conjunction with a hose assembly from the floor unit.


The disappearing style unit has many benefits and can be used in several different types of facilities. It is an efficient design that will take up very little space, mounting flush to the floor surface, with the hose storing inside the unit. Made from laser cut and machined stainless steel, this rugged design can withstand several tons if driven over. Its unique hinged door swivels and lifts conveniently allowing the door to lay flush.

Plug-In Units

The benefit to a plug-in unit is the flexibility that you have with hose length. It accommodates longer lengths for reach across large bays as well as stack configurations.

Overhead Exhaust Systems

When designing an overhead system, a wide range of components are available to choose from.

It is important to select a storage and connection approach that is both compatible with the building and consistent with the expected vehicle exhaust output.

Hose Reel

Series TSR is a hose storage suspension system that provides exceptional versatility and convenience in a compact equipment package. With the TSR reel the flex is retracted when not in use and only the amount necessary to reach the exhaust pipe need to be extended. The reel supports the hose for easy handling. Because of the hoses flexibility it can be easily connected to a variety of exhaust outlets without struggling to position the vehicle to suit the exhaust system.

As with all Car-Mon products, the Series TSR reels are built with an uncompromising emphasis on strength and quality, with heavy gauge welded steel frame and drum. A cast-frame platform bearing supports a 1” diameter shaft that extends into the drum and is braced by four seam welded gusset plates. The sealed rotating outlet fitting is made from highly lubristic synthetic material, which contributes to ease of operation.

The TSR comes as a complete assembly ready for mounting including the frame, tubing drum, and specified retraction system (winch, spring, or power). Standard TSR reels are designed for overhead mounting and store 25’ of 3”,4”,5”,6”, 7” or 8” diameter hose. Custom reels are built for greater hose lengths and diameters, and for other mounting conditions.

  • TSR- Power operated fully motorized operation with ⅙ HP direct drive gearmotor.
  • TSR-S: Spring operated auto-rewind ratchet stops allow positioning in convenient increments. A short pull on the adapter releases the hose assembly to automatically rewind onto the drum.
  • TSR-W: Closed circuit winch system includes drum winch, 1/8” 7×19 aircraft cable and pulleys

DEP Package

The Car-Mon DEP diesel exhaust package includes a hose assembly with a stack adapter and flange connection, spring retractor and hose sling for raising and lowering the hose assembly, and telescopic pole for positioning the adapter. Stack exhaust pipes are generally very high off the ground, and the DEP package of equipment is well balanced for easy placement and usage. For areas without an overhead crane the DEP is an excellent option to consider for a cost effective hose drop.

Down Drop

A decision of any exhaust fume removal system is how to arrange the hose assemblies for convenient usage. One method of hose usage is to have ducting come down to a point near the ground level and connect to our down drop fitting. Down drop fittings can be provided as a single or dual hose connection. They are constructed of minimum 20 gauge steel and have a flanged fitting for bolt up attachment to the riser duct.

Each hose fitting contains a blast gate damper for convenient use. Hose attachment may be made with either a coupler connection or flange connection depending on the arrangement. Integral hose storage cradles may also be included as an option.

Sizing of down drops has many choices and can be tailored to system needs. This fitting / ducting can typically be fit between overhead doors to allow for convenient reach to vehicle exhaust pipes. Where flex hose can be an expensive component of a system the down drop arrangement would minimize hose length for a cost effective approach to fume removal.

AT Arm

Series AT Articulated Boom is ideal for maintenance facilities with crane bays. The articulated support arm and ducting has a flexible center joint; swivel platform mounts to a structural column for 180° rotation. This design approach offers extensive positioning capability within the work bay when dealing with a wide range of large equipment. It will accommodate an extensive range of hose types, diameters, and exhaust intakes.

Pipe Boom

Car-Mon PB series pipe boom is used for extending out from a wall to reach an interior work area. It is constructed of 1/8” wall, seamless mechanical tubing, with a welded angle iron base. The arm swivels around four machined roller bearings with adjustable positioning blocks for smoother rotation and greater load bearing strength.

The boom is engineered for use with several attachment configurations, including WX series arms, TSR hose reels, and spring retraction. Lengths and diameters will be determined by the customers’ use and building layout. Please consult factory or local representative for further engineering support.

TLC Drops

The TLC telescoping drop assembly is a cost effective design that is a self-contained storage device; ideal for car dealerships and light duty maintenance work. It is delivered fully assembled from the factory for easy bolt up installation. Hose is stored inside an outer hard shell that has a durable wrinkle powder coat finish. Car-Mon’s engineering base design philosophy continues to be highlighted within the TLC’s safety considerations. The hose assembly inside the shell contains a stop that prevents the hose from sliding out of the shell when in use, but it will also operate as a breakaway fitting just in case an adapter was left on the tail pipe and driven away. The hose is allowed to slide out of the shell and relieving any pressure on the overhead duct. The second safety is a soft transition that mounts between the outer shell and the overhead duct, that separates a hard mounted connection. If a car or truck backs into the TLC shell it would be allowed to pivot or swing and avoid damage to the car, assembly, or building duct. For more information on the TLC please refer to the Product Catalog within the website. Car-Mon salesman and local representatives are always available for engineering support.


The Series CO-X Carbon Monoxide Exhaust package is compact, economical, and easy-to-install package for automotive repair facilities. Includes CMW direct-drive fan, platform, hose, and adapters. A wide variety of hose and adapters are available.

Exhaust Fans

A critical component of any system when removing noxious fumes is the exhaust fan. Car-Mon Products, Inc. proudly builds and provides exhaust fans with an extra measure of durability and an uncompromising emphasis on quality.

Belt Drive Fans

Heavy gauge material, close-tolerance running clearances, and rigid manufacturing standards are common to Car-Mon fans. Every fan is individually built and tested here at our factory.

Car-Mon belted fans include variable pitch motor drive which allows for adjustment when actual field conditions are different than design. Belt drive fans are offered in utility set and inline arrangements for convenient choice in appropriate mounting and ducting arrangement.

Each fan shaft is inspected for straightness and proper diameter, and after the fan has passed testing procedures the fan shaft is given an asphaltic coating to protect against corrosion.

Fan vibration and RPM readings are taken on every fan. Vibration is electronically measured at each bearing in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Any fan having an average reading of over 3 mils deflection is not acceptable.

Rest assured that a fan from Car-Mon will provide reliable service for your project needs.

Direct Drive Fans

A critical component of a hazardous fume exhaust system is the exhaust fan. Car-Mon Products, Inc. proudly builds and provides exhaust fans with an extra measure of durability and an uncompromising emphasis on quality. Heavy gauge material, close-tolerance running clearances, and rigid manufacturing standards are common to Car-Mon fans. Every fan is individually built and tested here at our factory.

Direct drive fans are offered in flange mount and base mount arrangements. Flange mount fans can be directly mounted to hose storage reels or wall / ceiling platforms to be used with hose drops or exhaust arms. A common use for our direct drive fans are with a single hose or arm. Typical motor sizes range from 1/3HP to 3HP, and single or three phase multi-voltage industrial grade motors are utilized.

Fan vibration readings are taken on every fan and any fan having an average reading of over 3 mils deflection is not acceptable.