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Fume exhaust systems are a niche application with which most engineers have had little experience. Mistakes here can be costly, both in the threat to workers’ health and the expense of reworking a system after construction has been completed. Our free Fume Exhaust System Design Service will ensure you have the best solution for your needs.

We’ve seen it happen over and over again. Usually based on insufficient information, an engineer’s best efforts produce what seems like a reasonable design, only to find that when the system is put on line it simply does not do the job.

This is often followed by months of finger-pointing and struggling for quick fixes which may or may not solve the problem but will probably cost someone thousands of dollars.

Ironically, the cost to install a properly designed system to begin with is usually not much more, and could even be less than a system that doesn’t work.

A good design must start with good information. Our System Design Worksheet can guide you through the crucial process of identifying and gathering the relevant details. If you mail, fax or email a completed worksheet to Car-Mon along with an area floor plan, we will provide a complete guaranteed system performance.

System Design Worksheets

Our free design service can save time and headaches.

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