Underfloor Exhaust Systems

Car-Mon Customized Solutions

Underfloor systems provide an exhaust connection near the vehicle exhaust pipe. This minimizes the amount of hose needed and reduces the hassle in handling components. This approach is particularly effective in applications such as automobile dealerships, where low exhaust vehicles are prevalent.

Underfloor systems are also effective in heavy equipment facilities where overhead cranes interfere with the operation of ceiling-mounted exhaust systems. By using floor fittings that accommodate larger diameter flexible hose, exhaust connections can be placed strategically to serve large equipment bays. In these applications, large, vertical-stack vehicles can be served by the use of a diesel cane in conjunction with a hose assembly from the floor unit.


Disappearing Underfloor Exhaust Systems

The disappearing style unit has many benefits and can be used in several different types of facilities. It is an efficient design that will take up very little space, mounting flush to the floor surface, with the hose storing inside the unit. Made from laser cut and machined stainless steel, this rugged design can withstand several tons if driven over. Its unique hinged door swivels and lifts conveniently allowing the door to lay flush. For more information please refer to the Product Catalog within this website or feel free to call the factory or local representative for engineering support.

Plug-In Units

The benefit to a plug-in unit is the flexibility that you have with hose length. It accommodates longer lengths for reach across large bays as well as stack configurations.


As with all Car-Mon products, custom solutions are provided throughout the range of our product line. With underfloor units, the limiting factor is hose diameter, but with the engineering capabilities offered and the ability to manufacture hoses of different diameters, Car-Mon can provide for industries like agriculture and large diesel arrangements. This option allows for easy storage and convenience near exhaust outlets. Please call the factory or your local representative for solutions to your building layout.