Fume Capture and Filtration

Car-Mon Customized Solutions

Car-Mon provides a wide range of system components for all types of fume capture and filtration. Below is a list of our related products and accessories. Car-Mon provides a personalized solution to all of your exhaust and fume capture needs.

Fume Capture Arms

When designing welding exhaust systems it is critical to have good communication with clients and exhaust system professionals. A comprehensive review should be performed to gather current and key information – building layout, welding booth and table sizes, work area obstructions, types of welding performed, etc… A wide range of system components are available and it is important to review the work areas to help select the appropriate source capture equipment for the end user.

WXS Series
WXS series arms are available in 7′ to 15′ length and up to 8″ diameter, and can be applied to a wall or ceiling platform for mounting.

WXH Series
WXH series arms have standard lengths of 3′ and 5′, and are supplied with flexible hose and fume receptor.


WXA Series
WXA series arms are available in 2’to 3′ lengths, and articulate in a horizontal path. The arms may be fixed mounted, or may be mounted to a wall or base vertical for up/down sliding and more precise positioning.

WXL Series
WXL series arms are standard in 3′ to 5′ lengths, and 3″ to 4″ diameters, for applications for light fumes or lab fume control. Standard construction is of aluminum, and mounting options include wall, ceiling, and table base.


Fume Hoods

Car-Mon Series FH fume hoods are engineered to collect fumes across a wide area while maintaining optimum air flow and velocity, drawing contaminants away from the operator. Built of heavy gauge galvanized steel for years of durable service, they are excellent for stationary booths because they require no operator positioning. Standard stock sizes of 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ booths with special sizes, materials and configurations also available.

Welding Tables

Car-Mon TBL Series welding table combines strength and function, with a structural steel welded frame, ¾” thick steel top, and an expanded metal shelf for fixture storage. Designed to handle the everyday wear and tear of parts dragging on and off the table top and the weight load of the parts being welded. Adjustable leveling feet are supplied at each leg for stability and maintaining a level work area. Finished with a durable enamel coating and pre-assembled for easy installation. Custom sizes and configurations can be provided to accommodate your work envelope and booth layout. Please consult the factory or your local Car-Mon representative for engineering and product support.

CMX Portable Filtration:

A portable filter unit includes an exhaust arm for source capture, and allows movement to off table work locations. There is no installation required. It arrives preset from the factory with a simple flange connection to secure the exhaust arm. Using a double inlet double width belt drive fan, this unit is set for maximum performance.

  • Stationary Units: Media filter units allow recirculation of filtered air within the facility. Stationary units may be ducted to source capture equipment, or may be non-ducted, free hung in the space. Available in several configurations and sizes

Dust Collection

Using heavy gauge steel construction and a fully welded assembly the Car-Mon series cyclone Dust collectors are built to handle all elements. Each cyclone collector will be of high efficiency design, utilizing an integral helicoid of specific geometry to enhance internal air velocities for maximum dust separation, and is complete with direct connected totally enclosed motor, structural steel base, and 55 gallon drum for collection of dust. The fan wheel is designed to be a self-cleaning, radial blade type having flat blades welded to the back plate. The back plate is constructed of 3/16″ steel, to which the 10 gauge fan blades and steel hub are welded, and mounted directly to the fan motor shaft with set screws at the keyway and at 90° to the keyway. The base maintains its rugged construction by using heavy gauge steel plate and structural angle iron and be adequately stiffened internally so as to properly support the cyclone. The base shall contain a 55 gallon drum with a connecting flex connection and sealed latch lid. For more information on the Car-Mon series line of dust collectors, please contact the factory or your local representative.


Car-Mon has many accessories for fume capture and dust collection that can be found in the product catalog, as well as contacting the factory for your specific needs.

  • Floor Sweep, NE Hose: The floor sweep has minimum resistance airflow design with dimensional considerations based on 4000 FPM nominal duct velocity. The floor sweep is constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel welded construction and incorporates a floor mounting bracket with 3/8” diameter holes for permanent attachment. The connection collar is available either straight or crimped. The floor sweep can be supplied with a built-in hinged damper with foot-operated damper door opener, including linkage pivots.
  • PT Hose, Receptors: For a facility that is looking for a quick and cost effective method for fume capture, the Car-Mon series PT hose may be the answer. The hose construction has been formulated for the specific use to capture welding fumes. It is UL rated and can be used over a large work envelop. It is designed for use with Car-Mon series M Receptor, which contains a magnet for affixing to a welding surface, with the hood close to the flash point and an Omni directional base for further positioning needs. It is constructed of a flame retardant non-conductive ABS synthetic material designed to perform in the everyday harsh environments of welding departments.