Car-Mon History

A History of Excellence in Exhaust Removal Systems

Car-Mon has been a leader in the carbon monoxide industry for over 60 years. The first known underfloor system to be used specifically for the removal of vehicle exhaust was designed by Cornell Imming of O.A. Wendt Company, a Chicago heating and vent contractor, in 1943. This was for a new prototype Cadillac dealership that was to occupy the first two floors of a multi story building. The showroom was on the first floor with the maintenance shop on the second floor. As part of the ventilation contract, a design to remove the exhaust fumes was to be submitted to General Motors for approval.

The system Mr. Imming designed involved a fabricated steel receptacle with a hinged door that was placed into the flooring and connected to sheet metal ducting that ran between the second floor and the ceiling of the first floor. Wound metal flexible hose with a funnel like fitting was used to extend from the receptacle and connect to the vehicle exhaust pipe. When not in use, the hose assembly was slid back into the receptacle and stored in the ducting.

GM was delighted with the design, adopting it for other facilities of this type being built in urban areas including St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha. An underground version that fit into sewer tile was soon developed which rapidly became the exhaust system standard for new automobile dealerships.

By 1946 the name Car-Mon Products was coined and a new HVAC product line emerged. What started as an innovative solution to an exhaust problem has developed into a stand-alone manufacturing company that is still engineering based. We regularly design and build creative custom equipment for special applications as well as a wide range of standard products for vehicle exhaust, welding fume removal and dust collecting.